A new year and new beginnings

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I’m not one to get hyped up for New Years.  No staying up, no resolutions, no excitement.  But this new year is pretty big for Penn Pantry because we’re moving the store to Zelienople.  BIG STUFF and lots of reasons to be excited about the new year! 
When we first started talking about it in October, my husband called me out a bit on the moving idea.  He said “Let’s make sure this is the right decision and not your desire to make a major change just because you can.”  I gave him my best shocked face, but knew he was right.  I love change, think it’s great, do it whenever I can.  You’d think New Years with all it’s changes and newness would be my favorite day, huh?!
But this move is not an emotional one or an answer to boredom.  It’s a business decision.  We are still growing this business and are in the phase where we don’t even know if it will work.  We have seen trends and have numbers for the last year and a half so we can now make decisions based on empirical data.  Our business needs a better parking situation, it needs more foot traffic and our new location provides this and so much more.
I think the thing I’m most excited about is the basement of our new place.  We’ll have the shop upstairs, which will be twice as large as our existing space, and downstairs there is a large room where we can hold events, allow scout troops to meet, and create interesting experiences for people.  There is also a kitchen opening us up to cooking classes, baby showers and even creating a commercial kitchen for people to rent. 
All of these are dreams right now and we know this business will continue to grow and develop in it’s own way.  But we’re super excited for the flexibility the new space offers and to be on the main street of an awesome community.
This week is our last week open in Harmony.  Very weird.  Kinda exciting.  It's been wonderful to start this business and grow in Harmony.  We're looking forward to sharing the journey in a new location with a community that excited for us to come.  Certainly big stuff for the new year.  

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