Almost 1 Year Old!

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How can Penn Pantry be reaching the 1 year mark already?!  Facebook is reminding me of announcement posts and showing pictures we took along the way.  This time last year we were full steam ahead, not really having any idea where the track was going.
One year in and it’s been an adventure.  What have we learned about small business?
1. It’s on the job learning – No amount of internet searches or library checking gave us all the information we needed to launch this business.  Every business is different, every location has challenges, every customer base is unique.  While I tried to google everything I needed to know, nothing ever came close to actually doing it and learning as we went along. 
    Take away – You can’t know everything and be okay with that.  Start with what you know and learn the rest.
    2. There’s so much to learn – Not only can you not be totally
    trained for your business, but the amount of unknowns is mindboggling. There are little things like how often do you clean and should I order 10 or 12 of those, but also big things like making sure there is money in the bank and figuring out how to promote your business to make it successful.
    Take away – Don’t be scared that you don’t know what to do.  Start with what you know, learn the rest, hire people to do it better (we’re not at the stage yet but I’ll be happy when we are!).          
    3. It’s an amazing adventure – Going into this business, we didn’t 
    have a goal of making our millions or conquering the world with local products.  We had an idea and wanted to see if it would work.  We might create the next empire, we might close in a few years but the adventure was worth it.
    Take away – Life is about change and growth and new things.  It’s richer when you try, even if you fail, because it’s what you see along the journey that makes your life unique.
    Thank you to everyone for sharing this journey with my family.  It has been our honor to build this business with your support and patience and suggestions and love.

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