Am I really that brilliant?

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Sometimes you discover things that change your world.  Sometimes you can't believe how brilliant you are and that you need to share this with everyone!  Then you wait 5 minutes and think "what an idiot am I!"  I'm not really that smart, this discovery doesn't change the world... but I'm still pretty excited about it.


Blue Goose Naturals is one of the first suppliers we found for Penn Pantry.  We were at our first craft fair trying to find local people and there was Amanda with her amazing products.  I'm not one of those people in love with lotions or candles or bath products but when I tried her products, I literal stopped in my tracks.  This lotion is amazing!  It's soft, it smells good, it's not water, it's not oily, and it hydrates great.  Love at first touch.


Because of my love for this lotion, when the bottle is almost empty, I try everything to get every bit of it before throwing it away.  It get thumped on my leg, propped against the mirror until it falls, shaken 100,000 times.  Everything!  Until the other day when I made the most amazing discovery and perhaps changed the world forever.  (You better sit down for this!)  Prop it on it's side!  The pump rests easily on it's side and doesn't fall.  The thick lotion slides down to the side of the bottle making it easy to scrape out with the pump instead of not being able to reach the bottom.  It's brilliant.


Does it change anyones world?  I didn't think so until someone came into the store the other day and said "It should be illegal to sell a pump that doesn't reach to the bottom of the bottle!"  My time had come, I was ready to change the world!!!  I shared my discovery and she was impressed.  We both walked away happy.


Necessity is the mother of invention.  Take that Madame Curie!  Naw, she wins with her 2 noble prizes but it's a win for me today.

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