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Sometimes life is boring.
Sometimes you loose sleep because of too many 12 year old girls at your house.
But sometimes, if you are really lucky, a perfect stranger brings you Amish donuts for a second time in your life.
This spring, my now 12 year old daughter and I went to a craft festival.  It's a great place to look for new artists for the store and we hit the jackpot at this one.  Unfortunately for our taste buds, the line for Amish donuts was super long so we didn't get any of those treats and came back to the store a little sad.  
While we were back in the store, we started talking to a gentleman who had also been at the festival.  We talked about the great weather and wonderful vendors and the fact that the donut line was too long for us to wait in.  He left the store and quickly returned with Amish donuts to share with us.  There was no reason he should have given us these treasures that we know he waited over an hour to get.  It's a moment in time I will always remember.
Today is another beautiful Saturday and a nice gentleman walks into the store.  He starts talking to me but I don't recognize him.  He says, "Two words... Amish donuts!"  My mouth drops open and I give him a big hello.  That spring day was special for me but I wouldn't have thought he remembered.  Once again, he leaves the store and walks in with a bag of Amish Donuts for me to choose one.  
There are so many people in the world.  Nice ones, mean ones, silly ones, odd ones... which one are you?  Which do you want to be?  How do you want people to remember you?
Through the course of a day, lots of people come into the store (well, maybe not lots).  Today I talked to:
  • a wonderful couple celebrating their 2 year wedding anniversary
  • my 89 year old grandfather who you could easily mistake for a man in his 70's
  • two of our suppliers who are dedicated to making food as clean as they can for their family and their community
  • families who have found the store, love the local products and want to support local people 
  • and my new best friend - the man who brings me Amish donuts, a man who became a great grandfather a few months ago, and man who reminds me of who I want to be.
There are so many important things to do in our day.  In small business, we have to stock shelves, order product, make price tags, clean shelves, balance checking accounts and so many other tasks.  Sometimes it's hard to get it all done.  Sometimes you find yourself blogging at midnight...
Sometimes, you have a day, that reminds of you of what's important.  
Sometimes life is busy.
Sometimes life is fun.
But sometimes, you get to share life with some really important people and isn't that the whole point.

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