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Say that in your best teenage girl voice. BABY GOATS!!!!  We're in a phase that we love baby goats, and perhaps other baby animals, but can't convince anyone (notably my husband) that we should get one.  My girls think they are super cute and we need one. My son just loves animals and would have 1 of everything. I love that they eat anything and when you live on 4 acres, eating poison ivy and overgrown brush sounds like a good idea.  Did you know you can rent goats too?  See, we've really thought about it.


This Monday, I did the typically run around produce pick up day.  We picked blueberries in the morning (you're welcome) and then drove around the New Castle and New Wilmington areas for other produce.  One stop was at Burns Angus Farm for more grass fed beef and lamb.  I love working with these guys.  They are very passionate about running a good farm that takes good care of the animals which creates a great product.  We've ordered their roast and are amazed how tasty they are.


So I got out of the car on Monday and who greets me but this super cute baby goat.  Only a foot tall, this thing is just running over to say hello.  I take a picture and send it to my oldest daughter.  I can hear her screaming "BABY GOATS!"  As I'm moving meat to the car, along comes the goat.  (I totally get Mary had a little lamb now.  And of course Mary let her follow her to school one day because who could say no to that face!)  Goat selfies!!  Text that picture along and my kid texted me back "STOP it!!!"  


There's my life right now.  Eating, I mean picking, blueberries and taking selfie with baby goats.  Not bad.

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