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It may surprise to learn that not all my guesses work out the way I plan.  (You can take a minute ...)  We brought in corn the other day because we're starting to stock fresh produce from local farmers and of course everyone wants corn!  It didn't sell as well as expected because people aren't thinking corn yet.  (But it's coming in again this week so get excited!) Now I had to figure out what to do with dozens of ear of corn.  I dropped off some to a friend and she suggested making corn salsa, corn chowder, and more.   She had me at corn salsa.

How did we ever cook before google?  Quick as a wink I found a salsa recipe to whip up for dinner.  The recipe said to start by grilling corn which I've never done and was a bit nervous.  Turns out, grilling corn is super easy!  You literally shove it on the grill, husks and all, and cook it for some random amount of time.  (I say random because I forgot about it the second set I did and it still turned out fine.)  I threw together the other ingredients and it turned out great so you should try it too.  Here's the link to enjoy corn salsa.
We had grilled corn and corn salsa for dinner that night to taste test the experiments.  Family votes included:
1. Corn salsa is better than corn on the cob (that was only one vote)
2. Grilled corn was easier on the laboring children because they didn't have to husk all the corn before hand, just the ones they ate
3. Being creative in the kitchen always brings interesting results
This is a great time of year to be creative with fresh food. 
When you buy local produce, it will taste better and be healthier for you.  But it also gives you an excuse to try something new, either a new recipe or new food you've never used before.  Have fun in the kitchen!  Be creative!  And eat more corn!

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