Be encouraging this winter

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A friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day how important encouragement is.  I sent her a quick text on how wonderful she is and how grateful I am for her friendship.  She responded with telling me how great I was too.  The little love fest when on for a bit and what struck me was the words she used to describe me were not ones I would have chosen.  Where as I see my failures and shortcomings, she sees my strengths, she watches what I accomplish in amazement and she is always encouraging.  


Isn't it funny what a few sentences will do?  Do you find it odd that in the world of always being connected that we are more lonely and disconnected than ever before?  Why is that?  And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?!


Someone asked me what one of surprising things about opening a small business has been.  I answered talking to people.  Stopping and actually having a conversation with perfect strangers.  Taking the time in a very unlikely venue and connecting with another human.  Just like a bar tender, people tell me all sorts of things here!  I don't think it's because we're all best friends or that I ooze compassion (in fact, that is always one of my lowest gifts/personality aspects).  People are craving connection.  People want to feel like they matter.  People want to know that someone was paying attention to them.


In these dark and cold winter months, we close ourselves up and just wait to run home to put on the pjs and jump into bed.  But even in the cold, you can make a difference in someone's day by simply making eye contact.  You can make a difference by saying thank you.  You can impact someone by simply taking a few seconds to check in, to say hello, or to be encouraging.  YOU have that power!  YOU can change the world!


Go to it this winter!  Be the light someone is craving in the dark and the cold. Connect, tell someone they're important, change the world with one kind word at a time.  

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