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We're entering into a very busy and sometimes overwhelming season.  Family gatherings, holiday parties, school concerts, and gift giving can drive anyone crazy.  Honestly, I struggle this time of year with all the money being spent and all the bustle that doesn't always equal my expectations of magical moments.  
How do we make this season memorable and enjoyable without loosing our minds?  Before everything really gets crazy this year, stop for a few minutes and think about what's important and what do you intentionally want to add to the list this year.  Here are some things I've learned the last few years that help me enjoy the holiday season. 
1. Do what you want - Think about what you really enjoy about this season and focus on that.  I love going to a local tree farm and picking out a Christmas tree.  We make sure we leave enough time to play hide and seek in the trees, look at every single tree, and try not to get lost in the forest.  It's one of my favorite days of the year so we make sure it happens right.  (Look how cute those kids were!)
2. Make a change in how you buy gifts - I've been surprised how many people come into the store and say they only buy local gifts for the holidays.  What a great idea!  They aren't out spending tons of money or competing for the best gift.  They enjoy shopping at local shops to find a nice gift their loved one will enjoy.  Find your "thing," find a passion, find something unique with your gift giving.
3. Ask others for input - I asked my oldest daughter one year what she liked most about the holidays.  She said eating pie (ok!) and sitting working on puzzles.  Really?  For her, it's a quiet time of the year that it's okay to just sit around in pjs all day and not having to accomplish much.  That makes my to do list of memory making events so much smaller.  
Holiday season arrives full on this weekend in Harmony.  We've decorated, brought in extra inventory, ordered festive bags, and are ready (we think) for the crowds.  But in the middle of all this shopping, my hope is that you enjoy the season.  Take time to do what's important with important people.

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