Beeswax wraps are going to save the world!

Posted by Robin Abel on

Well, maybe not save the world exactly but beeswax wraps can certainly help reduce your waste.  How?  Instead of using plastic wrap to cover leftovers or putting your sandwich at lunch in a plastic bag, you can use beeswax wraps.  Here's a few basic questions about these amazing new kitchen must haves.


1. What is a beeswax wrap?  A natural alternative to plastic wrap that typically combines cotton and bees wax. 

2. What can I use these wraps for? Covering bowls with leftovers, wrapping sandwiches for lunch, folding to carry fruit and other snack items, and making you smile with it's pretty styles every time you look in the refrigerator.

3. Can they be washed? Yes, with gentle soap and cool water.  You don't want to put raw chicken in it, but most everything it's used for will be just fine with soap and water.

4. Do they really work? They really do.  It's not something you want to turn upside down with liquid in it but they are great for leftovers and lunch items.  If you are looking to replace your carbon footprint and reduce waste, they are a great alternative.


We're fortunate to have a happy farmer @FeelGoodFarms who is really into making them.  She visits every month to bring a new batch of fun patterns and we try to guess which ones will be most popular.  Stop by and think about how you'd use them.

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