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Melinda first walked into our former Harmony location as a new member of the community checking out the sights.  We talked for a while and learned that she was a former teacher with dreams of creating something very different than another classroom experience in this new season of her life.  Melinda had taken to screen printing and being creative with so many thing such as cutting boards, dishcloths and t-shirts. 


One day she stopped to tell me she was super excited and super nervous about another adventure she was on.  Melinda had rented a small shop in Zelie to turn into a creative studio.  It was a big, scary step but she was certainly excited. That shop is Ooh and Aah Designs, a welcoming place to be creative and have fun with friends.  You can book a private party, or jump on into a public party and meet new people, to decorate those large wooden signs that are so beautiful.  


It was exciting for Penn Pantry to move to Zelie and be right down the street from her.  We've seen a lot of each other here and do a bunch of brainstorming.  Although our business are very different, we still need to get the word out that we're here.  


One of the neat things about working with other business owners is creatively solving problems or coming up with solutions together.  Melinda and I were talking about her Zelie t-shirts one day which were super cute.  Since she doesn't have regular posted hours and not a lot of display space in her shop, she was having issues making the shirts available to those who wanted them.  I suggested we sell them here since we have tons of space and hours where people know they can stop by.  It's been working great. 


Growing a business is hard.  Sometimes it's very lonely and you can't figure out a solution to a problem.  When we work together, we are stronger and more creative and the journey is much better.  I'm so grateful for these souls I get to grow with, cry with, figure out small business, and hopefully enjoy our beach houses later when our empires and dreams are fully realized.  ;)  Right now, I'll settle with growing a group of friends to share life with and find support through this wild ride.

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