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My son loves biscotti.  He discovered them by accident one day, having picked one out at a bakery next to us, Two Fraus Bakery.  Pretty sure it just looked like a giant cookie to him so I told him I’d eat it if wasn’t exactly what he was thinking.  He stuck it in his mouth, gnawed on it for a while and loved it.  Over Christmas, my mother in law mentioned she liked vanilla ones.  Through the power in my kitchen, ones magically appeared a few hours later and everyone just loved them. 

Biscotti are one of those things that look amazing and you think professional training is needed to pull it off.  But it’s not.  I put scones in the same category.  They look and taste amazing but are actually not too hard to make in your own kitchen. I think the first time I made biscotti was after being the cupcake queen for years and I wanted to make something a little more grown up.  The kids were little then and didn’t quite appreciate this crunchy goodness so I went back to cupcakes.  

This week, I tried the Cherry Almond Biscotti mix from Evelyn’s Elegant Edibles.  When I use a mix, I want it to make things easier, quicker, and a little different than I could normally do.  Since I’ve done some good vanilla and chocolate biscotti, and my older daughter loves cherry almond, this mix was shouting at me to be made! 

When I first opened the package, the scent jumped out to surprise me.  Something about the combination of cherries and almonds was intoxicating.  The mix was very simple to work with, simply dump in the bowl, add a few ingredients and stir.  The smell just got better the more I worked with it.  Then the mix goes on cookie sheets in little mounds, kind of like meatloaf.  Into the oven they go, smelling so good the whole way.

Biscotti means “twice baked” so there is another step involved than regular cooking making.  But it’s simple so don’t worry.  Once they’ve cooked in the mound shape, they come out of the oven, sit for a few minutes, then get cut in those distinct biscotti shape.  Back into the oven they go so they can get nice and crunchy.

Once they’re cooked, it’s tough to leave them alone… and I don’t.  I need to make sure they taste as good as they smell.  They totally did!  Whoa, what a taste.  I took some to a friend, who had never had biscotti before and she was amazed.  “Now I’m in love with biscotti.  How have I never had it before today,” she posted to Instagram.  The kids came home from school and there went the rest.  Never had to take them all off the pan!

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