Cheers had the right idea

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“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came; you want to be where you can see, our troubles are all the same.”
How many of you sang this as you read it?  This is one of the most well known theme songs from the 80’s show Cheers.  This song was so popular that it reached the top of pop music charts, got an Emmy nomination, and has been voted the best theme song ever. 
We all want to feel special.
We all want to feel like we can add something to the world.
And we all have a story.
It's amazing to listen to people who make the items we stock because they all started with a story. 
Did you know that people have passions for eating food without chemicals and gmo’s and other added stuff?  Such a passion that they own chickens and pigs and have greenhouses?  AND they have other jobs?!  Twin Hills Farm is one of these crazy, passionate people.  Kelly will tell you all about her chickens and what they feed them and why they are better than the mass produced kind.  But she’s actually an accountant. 

Ostrim makes meat sticks.  A family of body builders had a desire to eat quick protein but didn’t like all the gook packed into traditional
 meat sticks.  They created a nitrate free, gluten free, lean meat stick.  They had a “trouble” and discovered that “our troubles are all the same” so their empire began.
We all have stories and want to feel like someone cares about our unique issues.  Yet so many of our issues are the same as everyone else’s. We are all connected, we are all special, and I think we should take the time to actually listen.  “Cheers” had it right.  What an amazing world we would have if we knew people’s name, were happy to stop and talk, and connected by sharing our troubles.

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