Clean eating for the win

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Clean eating.
Paleo lifestyle.
Low carb diet.
All these concepts should make it easier for us to eat better and be healthy.  With huge portions, snacks with no nutritional value, and labels that trick us into thinking food is good for you, these more natural concepts help us focus on what's important.  But somehow, I still find it hard to be healthy.  Am I the only one? 
Owning a store with fresh, local products has really changed the way I see food.  I better understand now how warped our eating habits are with companies putting so much filler and made up stuff in our food. I'm learning that it's my job to make better choices and it's actually not that hard if I use my brain. Every day I learn something about eating better and some days it translates to healthier eating at home.
One afternoon, I was looking for dinner ideas.  I came across a clean, one pot soup that peeked my interest.  It called for meat, zucchini, corn, tomatoes, beans and other seasonings.  I had all of that in the refrigerator, some of which really needed to be used before it went bad.  Everything went into the pot, cooked, up and turned out really well.  Here's the recipe for Taco Soup in case you want to try it. 
Pinterest and paleo and google have all helped make food choices even easier. While we all have habits and meals we turn to, it's a great time think of something new.  With fresh, seasonal food available, looking into new recipes can be fun and can make your quest for healthier living a little more flavorful.  I can't promise every experience will turn out great, but sometimes just trying something new will move you a little closer to a healthier lifestyle. 

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