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People ask if I've owned a retail store before.  Nope.  Do you make any of the food in your store?  Nope.  Did your previous career move you into this direction?  Ah, not so much.  Yes, it is a mystery why this former children's ministry/women's ministry/leadership trainer turned local product store owner. Let me solve the puzzle for you.

I never had any intention of working for churches.  Before that, I was actually an event planner with a marketing background.  Yes, I have worked in retail stores for years which is how I paid for gas and food for a while.  But I also seriously considered going to culinary school for a while but was already pretty far into my business education at that point to make a career change.

How does this ramble tie together?  I actually have a business and somewhat diverse retail background.  And I love food.  Connect those dots and you get a small, local business with food.  

And one of the best parts is all the sampling!  My family is constantly "suffering" to test everything in the store so I can answer questions, give opinions, and share food prep advice.  Because sampling is so much fun, we thought it would make an event that people can try all these great foods.  Everyone is invited to our Breakfast Sample Event on Saturday, Sept. 24th.  More details are available on our Facebook page.  Here's the line up of what we'll be serving and why!

Flannel Pancake Mix from Burnt Cabins Grist Mill - Grist mills used to be all over Western PA.  We're lucky enough to have quite a few around because they make a great product that doesn't add gook!  These pancakes are one of my daughters favorite because they are sweet and fluffy and everything a pancake should be.

Buckwheat Pancakes from Zanella - Another great mill north of us who mills wonderful flours is Zanella.  There are so many people with either a love/hate relationship with buckwheat pancakes.  Come try them and we'll change your mind to clearly love side.

Local jellies from Batch and Towhee Hill Farms - What else can I say to get you excited about locally created jelly made in small batches with local, fresh berries?  Nothing wakes you up better than real jelly in your breakfast.

Maple syrup from Milroy Farms - Real syrup is so much better than the fake stuff!  It makes everything better and has such a wonderful flavor.  And, it's a natural sugar so it's better for you than that fake stuff.

Locally roasted coffee from Hunter Brothers - Did you know we had a great coffee roaster so close?  Hunter Brothers coffee is turning my husband from a big can of Folgers guy into a please bring home another bag of Kenya please guy.  

Scone and Koko bucks hot cereal from Frankferd Farms - This place amazes me!  Frankferd Farms has been doing gluten free and organic way before it was cool.  Their scone mix takes the scariness out of making scones so everyone can do it.  Make some plain to eat with jelly, drop some chocolate chips in for a treat, transform them into pumpkin ones for fall (I'll try that soon!).  And for those of you who like cream of wheat, Koko bucks takes this warm breakfast to a new level.  Pour a little syrup or jelly on top and you have a really great breakfast.

As you can see, we are going to have so much fun trying all kinds of yummy things. Please join us... or we'll have lots of leftovers (which my son says pancakes are only good 1 day after). 

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