Do you know what a pawpaw is?

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Raise your hand if you know what a pawpaw is.  Most of you don't know whether it's something you eat, an animal, or a new app.  That's okay.  I won't tell all the other people who not only raised their hands but shouted "I do!"  (No joke.  They did.  I watched on them on their webcam...)


A pawpaw is a fruit that is surprisingly native to North America.  You'll probably never find it in the grocery store because they are very fragile and not easy to transport.  They have a taste and texture that's a cross between a banana and mango.  


Here's a piece of trivia for you.  The pawpaw is the largest edible fruit indigenousness to the United States.  You're welcome.


Why do you care?  You may not but there are a lot of people out there who do.  We are fortunate to have a ... no, THE Pawpaw man who supplies these unique fruits to our store.  We started stocking pawpaws last year and I was shocked at the response.  Shocked is an understatement!  I would have people calling to see how many we had, how late we'd be open, if there were trees available for purchase.  This year, we had a man come in from Midland who heard we had them from someone from Ohio!


This pawpaw craze is amazing.  What's cool is that is it so local and local people are super excited about it.  It's funny, it's healthy and now you have a bit more knowledge about a once obscure fruit that just keeps growing in popularity.

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