Embracing Change

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Why is change so difficult?  No, seriously. I'm asking because I'm one of those people who thrive in change.  Work change, home change, anything change (except getting a dog... that one was hard) and I'm all for it but I understand there aren't too many like me.
If you google "handling change" you'll find tons of articles from psychologists on how you can embrace change successfully.  You'll find business articles on making change work for your career.  Even Oprah has information on strategies to deal with life change.  
While I don't claim to have educated thoughts on the subject, can I share from a small business perspective how helpful change can be?
Every day, new stores open around the country.  They born because someone has a passion, a desire to share themselves, or a solution to a problem.  This is good change, this is moving forward change, this is making the world a better place change.
This week in the store, we introduced Grass Fed Beef (which so many people have been asking about).  This change had many "difficult" elements to it such as making room in the freezers, paying for the product, creating signage, working with the farmer, and adding it to our system.  All of this took time but will be really great in the end. 
We've had a bunch of new events over the last few months.  They were hard and took some planning but our Kids Can Cook event went great!  Our September Sample Day was one of the highest sales days yet.  And this week we have an event that who knows how it will go.  But we've tried them.  We've learned from them.  We'll do it better the next time.
Isn't that the problem with change?  There is work involved and sometimes it's hard.  Sometimes we don't want to do it because life is just fine the way it is.  But we live in a country build on change.  Yes, it has been hard every step of the way but we continue to move forward and get better.  
Accept change because it is all around us.  Support small businesses that are trying to make change in their own small way.  And be a welcomed change for someone who needed an unexpected bright spot to their day.  Embrace the change that makes us all better.

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