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When we looked at possible locations in Zelie, we loved the space we're in now because of the possibility.  Obviously we needed retail space for the local products but this space also has a finished lower level that was open to all sorts of possibilities.  What could we do with all this extra space?  Almost anything!  Our desire is that this space is used by the community for connecting people.  How can we help you connect, get healthy, grab a win for your organization, or enjoy family time?


1. Community fitness- Right now, we have a yoga and oils experience that meets monthly.  (I love it!!)  Are you looking to start training people and need a space?  Do you already work to help people get healthy by martial arts and need a place to grow your business?  


2. Association or Organizational events - The lower level is a great place for larger association meetings, year end highlight celebrations, or team building events.  It fits a bunch of people without being too overwhelming.  There is plenty of room to set up tables, get people laughing with team building activities, or simply take some time to celebrate.  


3. Baby showers, family gatherings, game night with friends - With the high cost of some locations, our event room is very affordable and allows you to be creative.  Simply need tables and chairs, that's fine.  Want to go nuts and decorate?  Knock yourself out.  Our blank canvas is a great backdrop to have fun with those you love.


4. Fundraisers, art shows, special events with a purpose - Coming from a non-profit world, I totally get the need for cost effective space that's accessible to the community.  Whatever cause you want to support, we have a space to showcase talent, gather donors, or create a fundraiser to help save the world. 


I can't wait to see what how many uses we can fit into our lower level.  Let's get connected people!

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