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Faces.  Everyone's got one but it's interesting how people use them. When you go into a large store,  people use their face as a gate keeper - "Don't talk to me - I'll find you if I need you."  I'm used to seeing this face after working in retail mall stores for years where I often had the job of greeting people as they walked into the store.  

In a small, local store, faces are totally different.  People often walk in expecting to be greeted because, let's face it, it's a small space.  One of the nicest surprises I've found is that people enter Penn Pantry with a smile and want to discover what we're all about. When we tell people we're a local products store, their face is one of surprise and excitement and interest.  What a change from the gatekeeper role.  I hope people continue to share this joy as they walk into the store for years to come.

Another face that I'm loving is the sampling face.  So many of our products are unknown to people and it's fun to give samples and watch faces change.  The best face changing product we have is Miller's Mustard.  Now, I love mustard so I think it's just super awesome.  But even people who aren't in love with mustard are so surprised with how good it it.  People dip their pretzel in expecting a good mustard and are shocked at how much they love it.  

Another great face changer are the snack sticks.  Most people have eaten snack sticks before but not ones as good as the ones from Old School Snacks.  We have samples sitting out so people can try the different flavors.  It's so much fun to walk people through the varieties and be surprised with this product.

Penn Pantry is totally new so no one has any experience with our store, and it's fun to share something new with them.  Their face change as they discover more of the great products we stock and people are getting excited with the local PA concept.  As we share the stories of the products, people share with us.  We get to build relationships, listen to people's stories, and begin to build community.  It certainly makes my face happy.

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