Fall flavors are back!

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It’s funny how nuts we go about fall flavors this time of year.  All a retailer needs to do is slap "Pumpkin" on the front of something and it flies out the door.  We don’t want pumpkin in February, but can’t get enough of it in September.

We ordered a new seasonal flavor for the store from Primal Palate the other day called Apple Pie Spice.  I have selflessly taken it upon myself to see how many things I can use with this.  I’m not sure peas will taste like apple pie if we use it but it might be worth a try.

I make a lot of applesauce this time of year.  Probably because it’s apple season and that’s what you do.  It was exciting to add Apple Pie Spice to the apple sauce the other day.  I started with my favorite Shenot apples because fresh, local apples really do taste different than the ones in grocery stores.  It turned out quite yummy! Here's the extremely easy recipe I use for applesauce because you can throw everything in together and forget about it.
Then I though “What about replacing it for cinnamon in banana bread?”  Hummm… I like that idea and it turned out well.  It was a slightly more complex flavor and since I don’t slather my bread with butter and hide all the actual flavor, it was a nice addition.
What’s next?  Pancakes.  We make so many pancakes in our house it’s unreal.  Last weekend it was pumpkin pancakes and for some reason they really do taste better in the fall.  I think this weekend I’ll add the Apple Pie Spice to the mix and see how that goes.  It actually sounds so good that I’m rethinking my dinner choice for tonight. 
Fall is a great time to embrace seasonal favorites and have fun in the kitchen.  Pumpkin, apple pie and ginger all taste better in a the fall so go ahead and be creative!

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