Fear? What fear?!

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If you've ever walked around town with me (it's a popular thing to do), you probably NEVER noticed that I don't walk on the grates.  My husband is actually the only person that knows I am totally afraid of grates - storm drains, air vents, big ones, little ones... all of them.  


I was totally vindicated the other day when walking the dog.  We live in the middle of farm land and don't have those scary drains but when we walk in town or a housing plan, the evil things appear.  The other day, the dog and I walked in a new plan and it occurred to me that she could step on a storm grate.  Then her paw could get stuck. It would scare her.  Then she's break her leg and I'd have to carry this 50 lb animal back to the car.  (Oh, the insanity!)  But I watched her.  She never walked on a grate either.  It occurred to me that I've never seen her walk on a grate.  Somehow, she doesn't like them either.  Since some people think dogs are smarter than people (someone I'm sure says that), I was totally secure in my craziness.  Even the dog doesn't like them!!!


Fears are weird.  You can feel out of control, like you're going to be shot out of a rocket!  Sometimes they are totally valid.  Sometimes they make us stronger.  Sometimes they are irrational.  But they are all around us.


Fears in small business are REAL and BIG and SUPER SCARY!  Will this work?  What if I do something to mess it up?  Is there really only how much in the checking account? 


I don't have my fear of grates conquered and nor do I really care.  But I am working on less sleepless night worrying about the other stuff.  If you own a small business, know you are not alone in your panic and fear and uncertainty.  We're all right there with you...

Learning everyday...

Struggling with decisions...

And knowing that while this is not easy, it's an experience full of learning and growth and circumstances we never knew were possible.  Keep on it Small Business Hero!  You may never conquer that fear but you change the world with your journey.

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