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Food is really amazing.  It fuels our body, tastes great (well, my kids aren't really sold on a bunch of vegetables but they're still young?), and it has the ability to bring us together.  We use it to celebrate major holidays like Thanksgiving, celebrate milestones like birthdays, and gather neighbors for summer block parties.  


Recently my parents meet my mother's siblings to celebrate a milestone birthday for my grandfather.  Living in different time zones, they don't get together much but when they do there are stories told of the event.  Mostly about the food my aunt makes.  She is so talented at both baking and cooking so it's always a treat to be feed by her.  


This time, my mother came home with stories of a gluten free chocolate cake.  I emailed my aunt, got the recipe and waited for the perfect time to try it.  It was a fan favorite.  Even for people who don't have gluten issues, look one up!  It had an incredibly smooth texture you don't get with boxed cakes or even ones make from scratch with flour.


Quick shout out to Hunter Brothers Coffee and Girly Girl Eggs.  The gluten free cake recipe called for dark coffee and thankfully we had a brand new bag of O'Dark 30 Hunter Brothers coffee.  And real, fresh farm eggs made this cake so smooth and rich.  It's amazing how local food adds depth and quality to everything coming out of the kitchen.


And thanks to my amazing aunt who has inspired me in the kitchen for so many years.


Take some time to make some memories from your kitchen.  I know we're in Spring Sports Season (yes, an official season of life) and getting everyone around the table is a struggle.  How about dessert night?  My kids are enjoying sampling Leona's ice cream when we get a new delivery of unique flavors.  We cut all the sandwiches into smaller pieces and emote about our favorite.  It might not be Easter dinner or even weeknight family dinner but they love it.


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