For the love of CHOCOLATE!

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Chocolate makes my world go round.  Most people wake up thinking of coffee, I wake up wondering how much chocolate is okay to eat.  Thankfully there are many chocolate companies in the area so we have a variety of chocolate in stock… and to sample… 

Why is chocolate so important in life?  Most people can agree it tastes good but there is also science to show it actually makes people happy.  We have chemicals in our brain that get released when we enjoy things or experience things that make us happy.  Chocolate smells good, tastes good, and makes us happy just thinking about enjoying it.  Your very smart brain releases chemicals and you get happy.  For more information on this, here’s an article from Psychology Today that breaks it down more.

Not only does THINKING about chocolate make you happier but the ingredients in chocolate, including stimulants, caffeine and other chemicals, trigger different parts of your brain.  In general, chocolate is just a magical little mix of stuff that makes us happy on so many levels.  For more info on the science of chocolate, check out this article.

One of the chocolate suppliers we love is Anderson’s Candies.  They are just the nicest company to work with and help our communities grow stronger.  Anderson's opened their first store in 1916 on Merchant Street in Ambridge, PA.  Harry and Mary Anderson and their three children, Elizabeth, Helen and Harold, all worked in the store, serving ice cream and fountain drinks, as well as their now famous chocolates and confections. In 1962, Harry´s son Harold took over the business when his father passed away. The Baden Pennsylvania operation was opened in 1964 and has become the actual candy making facility and main retail outlet. Anderson’s Candies is a fourth generation business, family-owned and operated by Goldie Anderson, and daughters, Pamela and Mary Candace (information gathered from Anderson's Candies website). 

So go pick up some chocolate today!  Your brain and your mouth will thank you

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