Garage Door Day

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Well, I’ve officially joined the club.  Not one I’m proud of, not one I hope to prove I belong in again, but membership is a fairly large group of people who gather together through sheer stupidity.  Drumroll please… I backed into the garage door with the car… Congrats, I know.  We have a dog who likes to run into the garage and take shoes to eat.  In trying to sneak out before that happened, I got into the car, opened the garage door, and backed out without checking to make the door was all the way up.  Then the horrible sound occurred and the car wouldn’t back out any more.

I call my husband, who is of course in very important meetings and not answering calls or text.  I try to hammer the door back into the track which didn’t work.  The neighbors are on vacation or traveling for work so they aren’t any help.  I think about calling the guy that built our house 3 years ago but decided that was probably not in his scope of responsibility. 

When life throws you for a loop, whether or not it’s your fault, how do you deal with it and what makes it better?  What is it about changes to our schedule or things going wrong that make us frantic?

I think we struggle with control.  In one of the wealthiest and well educated countries in the world, we have the ability to dictate our destiny through education and money and sheer energy.  We create the illusion of control that makes us feel like our own god.  

One of the hardest things we deal with is the unknown.  We work so hard to micromanage and control life that when our plans don’t work in way we anticipated, we freak out.  Why is this?  Why are parents talking with school secretaries to “fix” something when school hasn’t even started yet?  Why does a snow day feel like the world is falling apart when roads are going to be cleared by lunch?  

We aren’t in control of nearly as much as we think.  We can’t control the weather, accidents happen, and our children don’t make the “right” decision every time.  And that’s just the way life is.  It is not something to be controlled but an adventure to be had.  The real aspect of life we should be “controlling” is who we share the journey with.

While my world is falling apart, my kids are doing their best to make sure the dog is taken care of (since now the door is wide open for lots of shoe nabbing) and my mom walks in ready to drive me to the store or whatever else needs to happen.  I’m trying to call repair people and a friend texts me about something completely unimportant at the time but it turns into two hours of texting that made me LOL quite a few times, my lovely sister in law calls, and a dear friend walks into the store with her mother and makes my day just being silly with them.  On a day that could have been horrible, it turned into a special day where I felt uplifted by my people. What a huge reminder that it’s people that are important, not the daily situation. 

In our quest to control, we forget that the good part of life is who we share it with.  Some people are crazy, some we want to downright get rid of, but there are also those people who life is worth sharing the journey with.  These are the ones we need to hold onto and remember how amazing it is to have them in our lives.  Take control your schedule and make some time to be with them, be thankful for them, and know that it’s people, not our schedule, that makes life worthwhile.

And, by the way, 1/2 a bag of Shenot's Kettle Corn was eaten today.  Sometimes you just loose control somewhere!

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