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Who's done with summer?!  I love talking with mom's of early elementary kids who can't wait for school to start again.  They are over summer!  Or families in our season of life who have great baseball/swim/sitting-watching-kids-play-sports tans. We're tired of the weather messing up plans, kids being crazy, 

or checking out friends Facebook pages and wondering why we're not cool enough to go on that vacation...  It's a rough life we lead and we're good at being able to find something to complain about in every situation.

During a ball game the other day, my friend brought up the word GET.  We walk around all day complaining about things we HAVE to do or things we JUST have to get done but you don't hear the word GET too often.  What happens if you change your word from HAVE to GET?  

I GET to sit and watch my son learn teamwork and patience and skills playing baseball.  I GET to drag my kids out of bed because that means we're over 6 AM wake up calls.  I GET to enjoy all the rain we've had all this summer (but my tomatoes aren't really happy... I'll work on that one).

As a small business owner, every day is filled with challenges that can beat you down or make you stand a little taller.  It's been my experience that the perspective is critical to your happiness, can give you the ability to move forward, and provides you the opportunity to bring joy to others as opposed to sucking the life out of them.

I GET to be part of a group of people who walked away from the security of paychecks, healthcare, or regular office hours and GET to experience small business.  

I GET to take pride when people say how much they love the store.

My kids GET to watch the struggle of creating something and GET to be part of the process.  

I GET to meet amazing people who have passion for what they are doing.

We GET the opportunity to support our local community.

Every day brings challenges but it's our outlook that shapes our attitude.  This summer I want to focus on what I GET to do rather than loosing my head about the things I HAVE to do.

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