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1 year anniversary.  What a milestone!  When we opened our blue door last year, we had no idea what we were doing.  We had no idea of the struggles and the successes and the problems and excitement this journey would hold.  At the end of this first year, the word that keeps coming into my head is "grateful."  Not success, not life changing, not surprising but grateful.

I'm grateful for the opportunity - Not everyone gets to open their own business.  Thankfully, we were in the season of life that when we had this crazy idea, it could be realized.
I'm grateful for amazing support - When you try something new, you never know what people will think.  It was shocking to see people get excited about our venture and support us.  We are more than grateful to our family and friends who have loved us through this experience.  We are always in awe of you and hold every piece of love close to our hearts.
I'm grateful for new lives to share life with - One of the most surprising aspects of our store is getting to know new lives and new families who are have chosen to share our journey.  It's so much fun to sit at a baseball game and hear "You own Penn Pantry?  I love that store!"  Or when couples come in to shop for Mother's Day because they know they'll find something great.  Or seeing kids walk in and go straight to the Kids Korner to play.  It's been wonderful to build a new family of people who want to support real people and local business and quality products.  Thank for loving our store and our concept!  It means the world to us.
The next year will be filled with new issues and excitement and struggles and joy.  We still don't know yet whether this is a viable business or not.  We have no idea if this will make us millions or be closed in 3 years.  But what I do know is that it's not about what you accumulate or how successful you are.  It's about living life and knowing it's an adventure.  Life is about sharing the journey with amazing people regardless of what the outcome will bring.  Thank you for being part of our journey and sharing your life with our family.

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