How do you make decisions?

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Thankfully my husband is a pretty quick decision maker.  I won't call him good at it because that might make his head big but it's always amazing how quickly he makes a decision when I've been thinking about it for a week.  I like to think it's because I've condensed a weeks worth of thoughts into a 10 minute conversation but it probably has more to do with he is a guy and I'm a girl.  (Men, keep your mouth closed!)
I had been thinking about a certain supplier over the last week.  They give me a hard time when I pick up product because I place such small orders.  We really don't need their products in the store, but I like having them, but they are hard to work with, and what if we stop using them and people miss them?  (See, one week of agony in 1 sentence!)  Carl said "Don't use them any more."  Really, that fast?
Just because we CAN work with someone doesn't mean we HAVE to work with them.
My husband's decision had nothing to do with numbers (which is a vital factor in business decisions) and everything to do with attitude.  This particular company is the ONLY one who isn't amazing to work with.  In starting this small business, one of the best parts has been working with real people who love what they create and have passion for making it. 
Hunter Brothers Coffee, for example, is such a joy to work with and completely entertaining to share in this small business journey.  They are fun, have an incredible passion for coffee, and have literally dropped off an order 15 minutes after I sent the email.  I've met so many family members that I'm pretty sure the invitation to spend Thanksgiving with them is in the mail already!
DeLallo is someone who doesn't need our business but bends over backwards to care for our little store.  This is a company who sells gazillion of items at large grocery stores, has their own brick and mortar store, and truly doesn't even need to know we exist.  But somehow they find the time to send sales people to me, deliver whatever I need in a matter of days, and provides samples to test their products.  
Every day, we make the decision to connect with people.  
Whether it be the customers who walk into the store or the suppliers who provide product, we are constantly making decisions to work with local people who build us up rather than make us feel small.  You, the customer, may not consciously make the choice to work with these specific suppliers but you are making the decision to support local companies who have passion and joy and respect by shopping at Penn Pantry.  
It's amazing to have the opportunity to make choices based on quality of product, ability to share passion and general life attitude rather than simply financial values.  Thank you for supporting this little store and all the suppliers who share their passion and outlook on life with you.

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