I love it when a plan comes together

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The A-Team.  One of the best shows ever!  Lots of explosions, you knew who the good guys and bad guys were, and everything tied up neatly at the end.  Real life isn't quite the same but there are plenty of explosions and sometimes the plan does come together.


Mondays are often a busy day during produce season.  We are fortunate to have lots of farms in our area growing great tasting food but someone has to pick it up.  That would be me.  On Mondays usually.  This Monday I left for New Wilmington to pick up the strawberries that were on order at a new Amish farm we're partnering with this year.  New Wilmington is a new area for us, full of farms that we can now get meat and produce from a 2 mile radius.  It's fantastic.


After chatting with my new best friend Amish man, I drove home to meet the gas company at our house.  That meeting got postponed until the afternoon so off to Saxonburg I went.  Busy day, things not working quite as I planned, but still going somewhat smoothly.


On the way to Saxonburg, I got to stop at Coffee Brake in Evans City and pick up something to drink.  Now that I own a small business, I'm obsessed with supporting other ones.  I'm constantly buying coffee and t-shirts and doing whatever else I can to support our community.  Another stop added to the long to do list but certainly a necessary one!


Saxonburg is home to Frankferd Farms, the place that was doing organic before it was cool.  They have an incredible array of items that you should check out because it's pretty amazing.  Score for me was that I showed up, all the boxes were packed and ready for me, and away I drove.  Another part of the plan coming together.


Back at home, that gas meeting happened, dinner for some, off to baseball playoffs for others, and milk delivery settled.  Things were going well until the emails came in about baseball and more swim practices.  That's when the explosions happened in my head.  Oh goodness!  Talk about a Manic Monday (thank you Bangles).  


So thank you '80's for providing the theme for Monday.  


PS.  Funny story.  I love '80's music... like all cool people.  We were listening to the radio the other day and they were having '80's hour which is always great for me but not so much for the children (who asked them anyway!).  My daughter said "Mom, wouldn't be great if there was a place you could go and listen to '80's music all the time?"  "Yes!!!"  She said, "It was the '80's. Get over it."  

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