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Isn't it great when you're surprised by people?  One of the issues with small business is that we don't know everything and you'll see us fall flat sometimes (and we have to be okay with that).  We're not as polished as big business and sometimes people expect us to be.  But small business is great because you get personal interaction.  It's one of my favorite parts of working with the variety of businesses we connect with.  Knowing that we can't all be great at things, I really get excited when a small business seems to be knocking it out of the park.  


Clarion River Organics is a new group for Penn Pantry to work with.  I've meet them at Farm to Table conferences and we stock some of their products.  In the spring, we connected and agreed to be a CSA drop off location for them.  This means you purchase a "share" of locally grown produce and seasonal items are delivered once a week at a local drop location.  


I purposely did not join the CSA so I could see it from customers perspectives and see what questions they had.  It has been so great to see how happy the CSA subscribers are with Clarion River Organics.  They communicate, their food is great, and they provide me great marketing materials.  


This week, Clarion River starts a Pick of the Season box which I was excited to sign up for!  It's a 2 month commitment with some of the most anticipated produce.  You can still sign up so go ahead and check them out.


Thanks Clarion River Organics for having great products and great people! I can't wait to be a CSA subscriber!

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