Just a few of my favorite things, summer style

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People ask all the time for product suggestions or opinions, which I think is funny.  How do you know my taste is the same as yours?  I mean, clearly I'm going to tell you the truth but who knows if our likes are compatible.  For instance, we stock a Bloody Mary mix.  People say it's great.  In fact out of town guests stop here before going home to pick some up!  But tomatoes... gross!  And drinking them... even worse!!


But, in case you were wondering, I do have some favorite products that are must haves for summer!

Chipotle Ketchup - Ever since we tried this, my husband doesn't like regular ketchup and just wants the chipotle on his burgers.  Think about it - why add a sweet flavor to meat when you can enhance it with a smokey flavor!?  It was a shocking discovery in our house.

Hot Chow Chow - What is chow chow?  Who cares!  It's delicious!  Brenckles Organic Farm started processing some of their products a few years ago and this stuff is great amazing on a sandwich, over a hot dog, or shoving in your mouth on a chip.

Leona's Ice Cream sandwiches - One of the benefits of Leona's sandwiches is that they are made with a special magic ingredient that's makes them lactose free.  My kids don't care about that.  They just love the unique flavors of these sandwiches.  In fact, often they would rather be paid in Leona's than hard cash when helping at the store.

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