Just go with it!

Posted by Robin Abel on

It's funny watching people decide what they want.  With so many choices in our lives, somehow we second guess and over think what the "right" answer is.  With a store filled with a variety of items with numerous choices, I have a unique vantage point of watching the decision making process.  Bowl cozies with different fabric, handmade mugs with different designs from Robyn's Nest and 2 Pears Pottery, unique jelly from Batch and Jarred... the list goes one.  People come in, think about their kitchen, think about what they want, ask the person next to them, ask me... it's quite the process.  


Here's what I've learned watching people.  Just go with it!  What do you like?  Choose that one.  We all see things that catch our eyes.  Whether we can rationalize it or not, we just like certain things at different times of our lives.  So go on, make a choice and don't over think it.  If you like the blue one, get that one.  And love it!  Don't think about what could have been, don't turn your head and reconsider.  


Enjoy the freedom to make choices, be excited you have the funds to make that purchase, and know that you've supported someone locally.  Leave those life and death decisions to another part of life.  Not here, not about jelly or mugs or cozies.  

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