Let's All Scream for ICE CREAM

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A few weeks ago, our family was out to dinner at Pig Iron Public House, a locally owned family restaurant whose food is locally sourced.  It's quite tasty and the customer service has been great every time we've been there.
While waiting for our dinner, we watched the TV screen flip through announcements and ads and such.  We saw an ad for Leona's Ice Cream, a local ice cream company, and we went a little nuts.  We googled it, we talked about it, and after dinner we had to order one (okay, maybe 2).  WOW!  It was amazing. The kids demanded that I contact Leona's right away to see if we could carry them at the store.
If you've never come across this product, here's what their website has to say about them. At Leona’s we make small batch ice cream pints and sandwiches using local dairy and ingredients whenever possible. With the help of a natural enzyme, we make 100% lactose-free ice cream. We are obsessive about sourcing vibrant flavors, the creamiest textures and most interesting combinations.  We are dedicated to creating an unparalleled ice cream experience for everyone who eats our products, even if lactose is not an issue. It’s just damn good ice cream.
No joke!  This stuff is amazing.  It comes in pints and ice cream sandwiches. They make the ever popular Vanilla and Chocolate but also create amazing flavor combinations like Plum ice cream with Molasses cookie.  My son pretend fainted when he tried that one.  It was incredible.
Stop in today and see how a local company is just knocking it out of the park!

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