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My good friend Meg invited me over for lunch the other day.  When I arrived, gross after yoga class because that's the kind of friends we are, she pulls out this huge plastic container of sauerkraut out of the fridge.  Apparently it's from her parent garden and while I'm not sure how she ended up with it, I'm thinking they are going to be eating that all week!

Meg starts gathering items to make reuben sandwiches.  This menu choice is pretty exciting to me because I never knew you could make reubens at home!  The first time I had one was in high school at this diner/sandwich place and it was amazing, but I've never had them in an actual humans home.  (Kinda like molten lava cakes but you'd be amazed how easy they are and you should totally try it.  Here's a great recipe I love from Food Network that has a kick from the cayenne.)  Meg's reuben's were pretty terrific. 

Great sandwich tip - Use fresh ingredients!  That saurkraut was garden fresh and it was much better than stuff you buy in a bag at the store.

A few days after our wonderful lunch, I stumbled across a PA local sauerkraut that was available to stock in Penn Pantry and got very excited.  I could make my own magical sandwich using local products too!  

Sunday afternoon I head to the store to buy the ingredients to make our own reubens.  At the deli counter, the lady helping me asked if the corned beef was to be chipped or sliced.  Ummm, blank stare.  The deli guy standing next to her mouthed "chipped" and I answered like a boss "CHIPPED!"  (Then mouthed "thank you" to my new best friend deli guy.)  Apparently one of the keys to a good sandwich is thinly sliced meat.  

Great sandwich tip - ask the deli counter for suggestions! It's always amazing to me to learn what people in grocery stores know.  I had a whole education one day about ice cream from the frozen foods manager.

Armed with all kinds of yummy ingredients, there was quite a flurry of activity about dinner on super sandwich night.  Of course, the excitement is very cautious because I'm betting there won't be too many other people in my house who will love the creation but everyone gets a bite!  And I loved it.  But what do I do with all that leftover saurkraut?

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