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Do you have seasons in life where you're just drowning?  In general, May is the month that parents rethink their desire to have kids with all the baseball, band concerts, extra band practices, soccer, projects that need finished by the end of the school year, and everything else life throws at us.  This May was completely overwhelming for me that I felt like I was drowning all day long with no end in sight. Then we had this small natural disaster of flooding in Zelie... you may have seen it on every news channel created.  What a month!


As June rolls around, life is still overwhelming.  We're still cleaning up from the flood, we ran out of gas in our house, my windshield is cracking from a rock that hit it, and the dog still hasn't gotten her shots that were due in April.


Yet in the middle of drowning, those little gifts and acts of kindness shine in a brilliant way.  The don't fix the problems or make life better, but they do make the journey a bit more manageable.


I'm part of a team that is starting a church in the North Hills of Pittsburgh and we had a planning meeting.  I offered to bring dinner because at the time there were 2 free hours in my schedule (that was of course before I realized that I had to spend those 2 hours at the Nissan dealer because my back brakes were shot and now slightly unsafe to drive). While I was not asked to bring dessert, I made an executive decision to include that but since we were out of gas and my stove didn't work, I needed to go buy it.  Here's part my texting conversation with Maria of Tin Man Sweets:

Me: Do you have any random cookies in your freezer?  I need dessert for a meeting tomorrow.

Maria: How many did you need?

Me: 12 people... maybe 2 dozen.  If there are choices.  What I am kidding?!  I'll eat the rest even if only 12 people eat them so 2 dozen.  (I really like chocolate chip)

Maria: We'll drop them off tomorrow afternoon.

Me: How much do I owe you so I have the cash?

Maria: Undisclosed ridiculously low amount for fresh baked cookies - my version of the conversation

Me: NO

Maria: Let me help you

Me, heart melting almost falling over in tears.  

Now, I really didn't care how much she charged me because it was a last minute order and she was doing me a favor.  But in the middle of drowning, it felt like someone threw me a life preserver.  Her actions, her words, and the fact the cookies came in still warm were so sweet.  So supportive.  So loving.  And I might have missed it if I hadn't been drowning.


So often, we go through life not thinking about our actions.  Our lives are busy and stressful and we need a life preserver.  I'm so grateful for the gifts I was given over the last month.  Friends that stopped by the store for lunch, quick trips away that gave me room to breathe, those quick minutes of family laughter, and days with beautiful sunshine.  Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make all the difference.

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