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The day after a holiday is relatively slow at the store.  Today, people are getting over their sugar induced haze from last nights Halloween activities.  That actually works out well because my lovely son gave me his cold and a slow day allows me to infect less people.  While these days typically drive me nuts, I'll be happy for this one so I can eat my chicken noodle soup in peace.  

I'm grateful to live in a town where trick or treat is so much fun and we need a day to recoup from it!  Our family loads up the kids and drive into the town of Harmony ('cause we live in no where land where there is no trick or treating). Yes, there are other places we could go but we love it here.  We enjoy seeing the darkness creep over historical building, watching our kids run ahead and know they are safe wherever they go, listening to people laugh at the costumes the kids made up, and are grateful when the kids say "We're done, we don't need to get more candy."  It's always a calming night for me and I leave so grateful for the evening just to walk around and have simple fun.

Abraham Lincoln said, "In the end, it's not the years of your life that count.  It's the life in your years."

When life  is busy and crazy, I find I don't live much.  I just survive.  It's nights like last night when we share an experience with people we care about that makes life great.  We didn't just get older, we lived and laughed and shared life together.

A man I used to work with died the other day.  He didn't have the most prestigious position but I loved getting to know him.  Whereas I used to run (literally) around at former jobs, he walked. While I planned the events, he set up the tables.  When I was racing to make sure things were right, he stopped and talked to the kids.  He didn't know it, but I watched him.  I learned from him. He showed me pride in simply setting up tables because it needed done.  And he showed me to stop running... and talk... and say hello... and enjoy the simple things in life. 

How are you spending your life?  Are you counting the years or the life in those years?  Take time to walk, to enjoy the holiday instead of worried about getting it ready, and learn to be grateful in the simple things of life.


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