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School is out, summer is here, and we're all ready for a change of pace.  Maybe slower, maybe more fun, but definitely memorable!
Snacks are a fun part of any summer adventure but not one you want to put much thought into.  Here's a few options that are all local to PA:
1. Snack sticks - I've always loved snack sticks and when I found out there was a company making them in PA, it was a great day.  Big bags, lots of crunch, these guys are great on a road trip, at a ball game, or watching a movie.
2. Pretzels - These pretzels are no joke!  Handmade by Amish in eastern PA, they are fantastic.  We sell tons of them!  Grab a bag or a jar and take them your adventure.  They take a while to eat so you won't eat half a bag without noticing.
3. Blue Corn chips - Have you tried blue corn chips yet?  They are so good.  Just a tasty with salsa, hummus or queso but a great change of pace.  (I could eat a whole bag by myself.)
Not looking for crunchy but need something cold on a hot day?  Red Ribbon soda makes their products with real cane sugar and old fashioned techniques.  A real treat on these dog days of summer.

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