Loose Leaf tea is becoming a new favorite

Posted by Robin Abel on

I'm not much of a hot beverage person.  It might be a consistency issue, or a temperature one, or I'm just crazy.  Any answer will be acceptable.  But lately it's been growing on me because I've found better products taste so much better (shocking, I know!).


We work with two coffee supplies, both whom are wonderful!  Last year when I was picking up an order at Allegheny Coffee and Tea, the owner suggested we bring in a mix your own loose leaf tea section to Penn Pantry.  He said it's a fun thing for customers and since we're small and driven by personal customer service, it could really work here.  So over the last two months I've talked to the health inspectors to make sure we can do it, looked at jars to hold tea, thought about labeling, and then we launching into mix your own loose leaf tea.


And since it's sitting here with me all day, I've been experimenting with different combinations and amounts and flavors.  What a surprise that I actually like tea!  I still need sugar in it but it really is a nice thing in the afternoon and certainly healthier than eating a box of donuts!  And customers who mix some up are coming back in saying how much they enjoy the quality and flavors they'd created!  Such a win!


Thanks to Allegheny Coffee and Tea for their idea and for walking me through the process.  It's been so much fun and I'm loving the experience!

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