Loosing sleep over what you can't control

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I'm sure everyone has times when they loose sleep over important things.  Sometimes I haven't slept because I'm trying to figure out something and the possibilities just keep rolling in my head.  Sometimes it's because there is a houseful of kids and I'm listening for little feet or screaming.  Whatever the reason, it's always great when that issues goes away and you can sleep again.


Over the past few months, the store has made me loose lots of sleep.  Since relocating in February, it's been a wait and see game to see if this was the right choice.  Would people follow us, how quickly could we grow in this new location, was the parking situation better here?  Unfortunately there was one problem we could not anticipate or do anything to combat - the never ending snow!  This winter was so long and it didn't matter how many events we held or how much we could have spent in advertising, there was no beating the snow.  


As a first born with slight control issues, I work hard to figure out every problem and work to fix them.  My marketing and event planning background give me plenty of experience in effective planning, working the situation, and fixing things as they become an issue.  But snow, there is nothing to be done about that.  No problem solving, no crisis management, no fixing that one.


But there's a lesson there.  Sometimes there is no fix to your problem.  Loosing sleep, being stressed out, or creating a plan is not going to do anything.  When you can't fix it, let to go and watch what happens.  Wait to jump in when it's time, but not before then.  Now that's it's summer, traffic is way up in the store.  Over those winter months when I didn't know how in the world we were going to pay bills, there was nothing to do but wait. And now that we're through the never ending winter, we can see business building in ways we anticipated. 


I'll never get back those sleepless nights.  I'll never forget the fear and edginess the first few months held.  But they all held valuable lessons.  Priorities, stress management, and letting go are lessons we have to continually work through in so many seasons of life.  Hopefully this is one lesson I'm learning...

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