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Sometimes you plan for something but the outcome is completely unexpected. These surprises are a welcomed gift that bring joy to a tired heart and help remind us what’s important.

With the store moving to Zelienople, we decided to host a sampling of suppliers
during March.  This gave our new community an opportunity to meet local suppliers and try their interesting products.  It gives our suppliers a time to meet new people and time to connect with the community.  It’s great, it’s fun, we always enjoy these events.


Because it’s early in the year and retail is not busy and because we’ve moved, not many people know we’re here and it’s been slow.  I hate that. I like accomplishing things, getting tasks done, saving the world, and having a plan of attack for the day. When you are done with everything by 11 am, it’s boring.

Then you have a day like March 3.  It was the first of our Supplier Spotlights and
we had some great suppliers in here.  It went well and accomplished the goal of introducing suppliers to customers.  The surprise to me was that I had such a nice day spending time with the suppliers and our customers.  Not that it should come as a surprise because we have nice people around, but it was SUCH a nice day and fill filled up my heart. Connecting with the suppliers, having friends stop by to check things out, sharing what I love about our products and the people who make them, watching my daughter grow and be a huge help in the store combined to make a really great day.


The following few Saturdays continued to be Supplier Spotlights.  While we had
 a goal to accomplish, the best part was interacting with everyone (and I’m an introvert!).  Thank you everyone for filling the store with laughter and passion and filling my heart with such a sense of community.  I needed that!  

The last two Saturdays didn’t have events.  They didn’t have extra voices to spend the day with me.  They weren’t filled with eating and trying samples. 

But they were filled with people.  We’re growing in Zelie.  We’re finding our connections.  People are coming in again and again and it’s feeling like we’re part of the community. 


Building a business is so hard, it’s so stressful, and you lose sleep.  But our desire was always to be part of the community.  We want to support local suppliers and introduce them to local people.  We’re here to be part of and build up our community.  It may be sound weird on a business plan but it certainly sounds great in my heart.

Thank you!

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