Patience Please!

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There was some extra time in my schedule one morning so I decided get coffee and a few other things at a local eatery.  When I walked in, there there 3 people in front of me.  The first two were asking lots of questions so I assumed we were backed up because of the length of their ordering.  As we slowly moved along the line, I started to wonder if the cashier was new and that was the issue with how long it was taking.  By the time I placed my order, there were 6 people behind me and things were not getting any better.  


Typically, in our "I want it now" reality, a riot should have been about to take place.  Everyone there had very important things to do and a limited amount of patience.  But that's not what happened.  Everyone was very patient.  

I had a store to open, this was going to make me late, but I was patient.

There was a mom with a 2 year old and they were both patient and pleasant.

There was a business man who I'm sure had very important things to do, but he was not only patient but cracking jokes!

And, thankfully, there was a police officer.  I'm sure he needed to be protecting some other part of town but I was glad he was there in case said riot did occur.


The man right behind me asked a question which I did not hear but the response from one of the workers said they were down 50% of their staff that morning.  There had been some major issues and they were dealing with it the best they could.  The workers were doing their best to keep up but it was not working well.


As I stood there, there was no riot.  No demanding of free coffee for this wait.  No snarky comments.  No outward frustrations.  Nothing except patience, a few jokes, and a general understanding that while this was not part of our plan for the day, these were real people doing the best they could.  We all intentionally came to this store.  We could have gone anywhere but we chose to be here to support with local business and at that moment, being patient was just as supportive as our money.  It was really cool.


Thank you to everyone who is patient with our local businesses.  We we're not always as polished as the big guys, maybe not as fast, or have the options that corporate places do.  But we do know that you intentionally support us.  We know you come for our personal experiences, the speciality of our products, the care we take working with you.  

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