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PIZZA!  That word has the ability to bring such joy to our house.  Whether we're going out for pizza, baking up some frozen french bread pizzas, or having fun making our own, there are smiles all around the table.  

We don't make homemade pizza often for two reasons:

1. Yeast and I don't get along - For as successful as I am with all other aspects of the kitchen life, yeast is the one thing that completely baffles me. 

2. I'm a slight dough snob - Having worked for both Dominos and Pizza Hut, I've never been able to replicate that springiness and good rising aspect that these companies do well.  Even if you don't love them, you'd probably agree that restaurants typically do better with their crust than stuff that comes out of the home (mine at least).  

When Delallo gave me their pizza kit to try, I was looking forward to adding more joy to my home through this product.  It was super easy to use, rose nicely, and cooked up great.  I was hooked the first time we used it.  

Since then we've used it multiple times.  The second time was over the summer.  I mixed it in 5 minutes (which included walking into the pantry to get it), let it rise, and then put it in the refrigerator to sit until later.  From walking in the door that afternoon to siting down to eat took 30 minutes.  That included getting it out of the refrigerator, cutting into 4 pieces, rolling, topping and cooking.  No Joke!  What a great dinner option.

We've also used it for slumber parties.  The kids get to make their own pizza and have a great time being creative.

Tonight we have cheese to use up so it's on the menu again.  When the kids saw I was mixing it up at 7 AM, there was a glint in their eyes.  "Mom, are we having pizza for dinner?!"  Yup!  Even the dog gets excited since the kids are a bit messy and she licks the floor.  Super mom for the day. 

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