Pot Roast fills my kitchen and my heart

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The first church I worked for was a large Methodist church where my husband and I attended during our first years of marriage.  We were young, had lots of free time and got involved in many aspects of church life.  It was such as special time in our life where we grew into adults surrounded by some amazing people.

One of my favorite days of the week was Wednesday.  We had a midweek program that included dinner cooked in the church kitchen by wonderful teams of volunteers.  By mid afternoon, the scents of roasts spending hours in the oven would fill building.  Pork Roast night was my favorite.  Not that it was the necessarily the best tasting (because all the food was great) but because the smell was the most amazing, most far reaching, and simply made us all want to eat dinner way earlier than it was ready.

As few weeks ago, after finding a local sauerkraut, I looked forwarded to making that pork roast dinner for my family.  Half an hour after putting the roast in the oven, the house started smelling and I was taken back to this amazing time in my life.  That’s one of the amazing things about cooking.  When you take the time to make a meal and share your life with others, the smells, the tastes and the feelings associated with those moments can live on.

Thank you to all those Wednesday Gathering dinner giants.  You feed me not just some delicious dinners but were a core ingredient in a beloved time in my life.

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