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It's been a honor to meet and develop relationships with other small business owners.  When you understand there is a story behind every business and people are there not simply to have a job but build something special, you tend to slow down and see these owners has humans.  You ask questions, you have conversations rather than transactions, and they tend to become part of your journey even in the smallest of ways.


One of these owners is Ann, who created The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center in Harmony.   Through the last few years of dog ownership, I've had many conversations with all the people who work there.  I find Ann fascinating because of her animal passion and unique life journey that is totally different than mine.  One day we were talking and she kindly offered to stop by Penn Pantry to offer suggestions on what she's learned about product placement and other store set up issues.


We had a fun afternoon and almost rearranged the whole store!  After sleeping on it, I was able to take Ann's suggestions and make some changes.  You might not notice, but the store is so much prettier now!  Here are some of her highlights:

1. Place pretty things higher - Some labels are just prettier than others.  While that's not a necessity for selling items, it does draw the eye over to the product and those around it.  Placing it eye level will help your mind find them and appreciate the quality design.

2. Bigger items go lower - We have bottles for Bloody Mary Mix that are much larger bottles than Batch jelly jars.  You can tell what they are from across the store so they can go lower than the smaller jars.  These smaller jars need to be around eye level so you can figure out what they are while the larger ones are fine lower because they are just shouting "Hey, look down here!"

3. Make sure you can read labels - I placed all the Jarred Jellies on the shelf together.  While the space I gave them was a good location, it was too low and you couldn't read the flavors.  I moved them up higher and it made a huge difference.  On the other hand, I have ketchups that have a simple and clear label that I moved to that "good" spot.  Since their label is bigger and easier to read, they are very happy in this new spot.


Thanks so much to Ann and her brilliance!  I'm so grateful for her time and creativity to help make our store a fun place to find something special.  Now you can find those special things even easier!

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