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Microwaves.  Can you remember a time they didn’t exist?  I remember in the 80’s when we were all afraid of “radiation” and were told not to stand in front of it or it might send out those bad micro waves that would kill us later!

Today, everyone has one.  Whether we’ve gotten over our fear or we just don’t care anymore, most houses have one and don’t think twice about using it.  They are super convenient, don’t take up much space, and have really changed our lives.

There is a problem with this magic machine.  Things come out hot!  One night I was heating up corn in a bowl and my oldest daughter grabbed it not thinking of how hot it would be.  We almost lost the corn, the bowl and the kid to a hot mess.  Fortunately, necessity is the mother of invention and there is now a great way to solve the hot bowl crisis.

Microwave Bowl Cozie!  This is one of those things that might change your life.  It is such a popular item that flies out of the store almost faster than it can be created.  I saw them at a local craft show last year and thought "WOW! Why don't microwaves come with those!"  Now don’t think you can solve this hot bowl crisis with any old pot holder.  These cozies are made with 100% cotton products as well as an inside material that is called Wrap and Zap.  It makes this product safe for microwave use instead of a pot holder. 

These cozies are a game changer, no joke.  One morning my son was making oatmeal.  He was all empowered because “Daddy showed me how” and he was going start his 9 year old day out right.  He got out our cozy, put in the bowl, the oatmeal, and the water, then placed all of it in the microwave.  Since our microwave is above the stove, he wouldn’t have been able to handle a hot bowl that far above his head but he could because of this cozy!  Proud mama, I took a picture. 

So pick one up today... or maybe sometime later this week since we're closed on Sunday

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