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A few weeks after we opened, I got an email from a supplier who wanted us to consider stocking her items.  I was so excited that someone found Penn Pantry and wanted to be part of what we were doing.  We set up time for her to come to the store and I was really looking forward to our meeting to learn about this company, Pretzel Crazy. 

As a mother of two children, Sherri wanted to come up with classrooms snacks with WOW!  Birthday treats weren't hard to come up with something special (who doesn't love a cupcake with lots of decorations) but the rest of year often presented challenges.  Snacks needed to be one serving, not too messy, easily transportable, and liked by a majority of 4 year olds.  Sherri started decorating pretzel rods with a variety of treats.  Other parents started asking her to make treats for their family gatherings, baby showers, or other school activities. Pretzel Crazy was born and has been creating super treats for many years.

I was unprepared for the extreme level of sugar and creativity in the trunk of Sherri's car for our first meeting.  Boxes of amazing products from giant decorated marshmallows, bride and groom decorated oreos, and pretzels with both chocolate AND potato chips!  How was I to choose?!

Choose I did and they flew off the shelf. Children's eyes get 3 sizes bigger when they see the giant marshmallows, grandparents get excited to pick out something special for their kids, and adults look forward to a nice treat.

My 8 year old and I recently went to pick up an order.  Our goal was to pick out Halloween inspired marshmallows.  We walked into a world of pretzels and caramel and sugar and sprinkles and chocolate and oh so much good stuff. Pretzel Crazy products are amazing to behold on their own, but it's even more amazing is to see tons of them being made.  There were spiders and witch hats and monsters and pumpkins and ghosts and more.  And that's just the giant marshmallows being made for Halloween.  Thank goodness I had my highly skilled sugar choosing boy to help in the process!

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