Spicy Tortilla Soup

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When you order products for a store, you probably don't taste every single one.  Or, when I ordered products for Penn Pantry, I didn't test everything that was going to get stocked.  Some products I simply saw on the shelves of other stores or found online and couldn't buy every product to sample (I really appreciated companies sending samples but that's another blog story adventure).  My hope was that they were all fantastic but I really didn't know.

I found this soup mix product called Evelyn's Elegant Edibles and thought it would be a great fit for the store.  When I called and talked with Evelyn, she assured me it would fly off the shelves.  In my head I'm thinking, "Of course she's going to say that but is it really?"  Since I had never personally tasted it, I figured testing was in order.  So I called some friends to meet me at the store for soup testing day!  Being the self sacrificing souls they are, they agreed. 

Thankfully I read the directions to the Spicy Tortilla Soup before trying to make it so I knew what additional items were needed.  Note to self and all readers - take a second to read the directions before turning on the stove and realizing you don't have everything.  This one is super simple and thankfully I had everything.  You add some corn and water to the mix and cook.  It looked so easy that I decided to take a shower while it was cooking (probably not my best idea but at 7 AM, it seemed okay).  Thankfully, it all worked out.  By the time I was clean and came back into the kitchen, a fully prepared soup was ready to jump into the crock pot.  

It was surprising that for it's simplicity in cooking, it really tasted great.  It sat in the crock pot all morning and was quite a hit for lunch.  What a great quick meal option or as something to take to a friend.

And Evelyn was right.  This stuff flies of the shelf.  People are loving the Stuffed Pepper Soup paired with one of our Skillet Cornbread mixes for a super easy dinner.  It's western PA so the Wedding Soup is a hit, except for those people who have a grandmother with an amazing, secret recipe.  I've had people request different flavors like Mushroom Soup so we've added that to our shelf.  But they don't have just soup mixes but also cake and spice mixes.  What I really want to try next is the Chili Dog Sauce Mix!  Oh!  I have a cookout on Friday... done!

Stop on by and let me know what you've tried and your favorite Evelyn's Edible mix.  They taste great, are easy to make, and can be a wonderful gift for a friend.

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