Summer Adventures

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School's out for summer!!  We are loving sleeping in, not making lunches, never thinking of homework, or dealing with girl drama.  But like any good mom, we're still learning (or I have stuff to do and the kids are coming with me).  Our local honey is just flying off the shelves so off to Slippery Rock we go to pick up more and see where honey comes from.

We stock local honey from Always Summer Herbs.  They have both honey and honey bees which is super cool.  They sell queen bees to local beee keepers and then buy back the raw and unfiltered honey.  AlwaysSummerHerbs participates with other bee breeders to raise bees that do not require chemical treatments. 

The kids are a little nervous to be around all those bees but I'm excited to show them where the magic happens.  When we get there, we see areas that look like piles of boxes but are actually bee homes.  There are plenty of signs to tell us not to get too close... which the kids were very good to adhere to.

Then we went looking for the bee keeper.  The kids wanted to know if he actually wore one of those crazy big suits.  Look what we found!  No beekeeper but certainly a suit.  Since we never saw Jeff, just the suit, the kids started making up stories of how the bees took over and had him taken captive.  We looked around but never found a tied up beekeeper.

So now we have lots more local honey for the store and the kids got to see a bee farm.  Thus begins summer adventures at our house.  Any suggestions on more adventures?

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