Teacher Gift Season is Just Around the Corner.

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Teacher gift season is a delicate mix of figuring how many people to include, brainstorming the perfect gift idea, and not completely freaking out because you've either not done enough or done too much.  Obviously we want to say thank you to those very important leaders in our kids lives but those over active Pinterest moms just make us feel like failed the assignment. How can you find a balance?


1. Just be you!  It's truly not a contest but time to say thank you.  If you are a super crazy Pinterest parent, then this is your Christmas and go nuts.  But if you're not, relax and share a bit of you.  If you like flowers, how about a small potted plant?  If you like to cook, send those teachers a favorite spice blend (Primal Palate makes super clean, non gmo, gluten free blends).  Instead of trying to figure out the best idea ever, share a bit of yourself to say thank you.


2. Think about it early because you know it's coming! May is one of those months that just explodes so get ready early.  A customer came in today and noticed a glass tissue holder by Ooh and Aah Designs.  She said, "What a great teacher gift idea!"  She didn't buy one for a teacher, but she stuck it in her mind of a great idea for May.


3. Personal is always best! Teachers really aren't giving awards for the most complicated gift but one that means the most.  Write a note with how the teacher impacted your child or your family this year.  Share a funny story, a memory, or simply a heartfelt thank you.  Appreciation is always in style and free.


Do you have good ideas for teacher gifts?  Are you a teacher who was wowed by the thoughtfulness of a parent?  Share away!!

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