The Answer is "Yes"

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When people find out you're opening a store, there are lots of questions.  "Are you crazy?"  Yes, perhaps.  "Are you excited?" Yes, some days too much, other days terrified.

 "Is it a lot of work?" Yes, but it's been really interesting and fun.  "Is your husband quitting his job too?!" No, we're not on that side of crazy.

How we came to this decision is really a wild journey but one that has been in our minds for years.  Carl and I both have walked down the path to buy or start a business before and for some reason the timing wasn't right.  We drive through towns where there are open storefronts and talk about what store we would open... if we were crazy enough.  I've always been into local stores with unique items or making it a priority to shop farmers markets for local food.  We had an idea one day and started asking around to see if people thought it was a viable business.  The answer was always "Yes!"  Now, those people aren't investing their time and energy but no one looked at us like we had two heads so that's a GO for me! It was because of these conversations and experiences that we jumped so quickly into this adventure because we knew the time was right. 

The most amazing thing for me has been to watch it all unfold.  Doors has opened at remarkable speeds.  Ideas are being shared and everyone I talk with has something to add to the conversation. The people I've met have been so friendly, so helpful, and such a great group of people to share in the journey. 


Sometimes when you know it's right, the answer has to be "Yes," no matter how insane it sounds. 


How about you?  When has your answer been "Yes?"  When have you stepped out in faith, not knowing where the path was going?  When did you know it was right?  When were you excited about the future, even if you didn't know exactly what it looked like?

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