They burned the cabins?

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This week’s adventure took us deep into the middle of PA, up and down through the mountains and up and down again. It was a beautiful drive but my kids were puzzled by the trip.  “If they burned the cabins, where are we going Mom?”  Burnt Cabins Grist Mill… you see the confusion.  Burnt Cabins, PA  does have an interesting story regarding burning cabins and such.  We’re exploring the area for the grist mill which makes amazing flour mixes that everyone should put in their pantry.

I discovered Burnt Cabins Grist Mill at a local farm to table event. They had driven the 3 hours to share their milled flours and mixes with the Pittsburgh area.  Their process is quite fascinating so check it out.  They also have a camp ground so if you are looking for a new adventure, give them a call.

Burnt Cabins Grist Mill has a variety of products that makes breakfast extra yummy.  My son, specifically, could live on pancakes and waffles so we make sure we test every mix we find!  My favorite is the Buckwheat Pancake mix because it has such a nice flavor and rises into a fluffy cake that’s not heavy or dense.  Check out our video fail.  Laugh the first time and then watch it again to see what a great product it creates.

We went on vacation with my husband's family over the summer.  My inlaws asked me to bring the Buckwheat mix as well as Grandma’s Flannel Cake mix.  My sister-in-law used the Grandma’s Flannel Cake mix for pancakes one morning and got rave reviews.  In fact, my daughter requested that I make the pancakes "Aunt Kirsten made at the beach" for her 11 year old birthday breakfast (I'm sure hers tasted better with the helping of aunt lovin').  They are a sweeter variety that are so smooth to whip up and eat.

We visiting friends on the way to the grist mill who actually had the Pumpkin Pancake Mix in their pantry so we tried it for breakfast.  Whoa!!!  When fall hits and everyone needs their pumpkin fix, this is what you’ll all be making for breakfast.  A very true pumpkin flavor that is so great to wake up to.

Penn Pantry carries more than pancake mixes from Burnt Cabins Grist Mill, but you’ll have to stop by for yourself and test them out.  Post a picture so we can all see what great items we need to add to pantry.


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