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Yellow Creek Farms.  This name might not mean anything to you but they make a difference in your kitchen.  Yellow Creek Farms is one of the local farmers we work with to bring you fresh produce.  How do they make tomatoes that look and taste that amazing?  Two words - Greenhouse and hard work. (Is that three or do you count the and?)
Yellow Creek Farms has a passion for growing real food, that tastes good, is not treated with chemicals, and are unique.  They recently added a greenhouse which has created incredible produce.  Now they can control temperature, water levels, and all sorts of farm unfriendly issues.
Why does it matter that you know their name?  Because it's important to know that this real food was grown and cared for by real people.  Nothing is mass produced, nothing sits on a truck for days, and everything is handled by an actual human.  Your food is fresher, tastes better, has great nutrition, and you've supported someone in our area who is living out their dream.
"Buy local" isn't a sales pitch, it's actually important.  Why?
1. You get fresher food - local food doesn't have to travel as far or get picked before it's ready.  It's picked and you eat it.  The food tastes better and it's healthier for you.
2. The local economy benefits greatly - Yellow Creek Farms puts their resources into growing great food.  You buy their products at local stores.  Local jobs and industry are created.  Money stays in your community with helps keep it stable and healthy.  
3. It's about a relationship - Local farmers depend on local people to purchase their food.  They spend a lot of time and energy crafting unique and fresh items because it's their passion.  Don't you want to buy a tomato from someone with passion rather than one that's mass produced?  Yes, it's easier to go to larger stores but you miss out on supporting local people who just want to share their passion with you.
Wherever you are, find local markets!  It doesn't take much time and you'll be amazed at the benefits.  
It's exciting to be part of this trend that is really taking hold where people care about their food, where it comes from, and creating meals that are healthier for their families. Thank you Yellow Creek Farms for all you do!  It is a pleasure to share this journey with you.

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